The CZ Patch Library is an independent product that is not built by, marketed, endorsed or supported by Casio.

What is it?

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The CZ Patch Library (CZPL) is an essential companion for the Casio CZ series of synthesizers. It contains:

How do I connect it?

Connect the CZPL to your Casio CZ-101, CZ-1000, CZ-3000, CZ-5000, CZ-1 or CZ-230S synthesizer with 2 MIDI cables and power the CZPL via USB or a 9V power adapter (center positive).

You can then connect external gear to the CZPL and all MIDI messages will be passed through to the Casio. This lets you use sequencers and external controllers without having to unplug and plug cables.

How do I use it?


What presets are included?

This is a demonstration of an earlier version, with 1000 patches. This model contains 1186 more than are shown here!


How can I get one?

Please visit our new website for more information and ordering!


Please contact me:

The latest firmware version is 3.03. To determine your device’s firmware version, unplug your CZPL and plug it back in again. Immediately after the CZPL “splash” appears, your firmware version will be displayed. If you do not see a firmware version displayed, you have version 2.0 firmware. If you would like to upgrade your firmware, please contact me for directions.

Firmware Version History